St. Augustine’s Parish Picnic was a huge success! Thank you to all!!!

It was a gold medal spectacle! We survived the heat and we beat the rain all while having a great time with our fellow team mates – our parishioners. A special thanks goes out to all those who attended our parish picnic – St. Augustine ‘Nations of Gold.’ We hope you had a great time. As with every year, our picnic would not have come together the way it did without all the volunteers who helped on the day of. From the people who setup, cooked and served the food, organized the booths, conducted the games, and helped us tear down — thank you. We are a wonderful Parish because of you. A note of great thanks goes to the picnic committee. This amazing group met from May until August in order to organize and plan this year’s picnic. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Our parish’s biggest party was a success because your many hands made light work. The winners of the raffle are as follows: $3,000 – Ben Bartram, $750 – Pat Lazar, $500 – Donna Hornacek and the $250 went to Charlotte Meeker. Congratulations to you all.