Pray for those being initiated into the Catholic faith at St. A’s

Pray for our RCIA & RCIC members

Brian Schenkenberger     Kimberly Moore     Jody Hester     Michelle Wiseman     Daniel Houston     Ivy Adams     Kayla Traxler          Dennis Canter     Rhonda Morrow     Coen Grimm     Emma Gruska     Michael Moneypenny III     Colton Reed     Kylee Rolenz

who will be taking part of the Rite of Election on February 18 @ 10:30 am at St. John Cathedral in Cleveland. 

What is the Rite of Election?

When a Catechumen and the priest and the parish team working with him or her believes the person is ready to make a faith commitment to Jesus in the Catholic Church, the next step is the request for baptism and the celebration of the Rite of Election. Even before the Catechumens are baptized, they have a special relationship to the Church.

The Rite of Election includes the enrollment of names of all the Catechumens seeking baptism at the coming Easter Vigil. Typically, on the first Sunday of Lent, the Catechumens, their sponsors and families gather at the cathedral church. The Catechumens publicly express their desire for baptism to the diocesan bishop. Their names are recorded in a book and they are called the Elect.