Why Do Catholics Do That?

“A Final Gift” Presentation

Michael Vujas from The Catholic Cemeteries Association will visit St. Augustine Church on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, from 7-8pm in the school cafeteria to answer questions about funeral costs in a presentation called “A Final Gift”. Did you know funeral costs have become the third largest expense most families will pay for in their lifetime? Important information you need to know about: The Vigil, Funeral Mass, Rite of Committal, and the costs incurred during this time will be discussed. Whether for ourselves or someone we love and care about, the final gift is an act of grace — peace of mind is a precious gift. Please consider attending and contact the Rectory with any questions.

School Has Begun!

Just an update on what is happening at our school!

St. Augustine School currently has 238 students enrolled in thirteen classrooms.  While not a huge jump from last year’s enrollment, this increase of students is reflected primarily in kindergarten, where we have two classrooms for the first time since 2006.  Joining the excellent staff are three new teachers.  Mrs. Marissa Cole is teaching fifth through eighth grade math and seventh grade social studies.  Mr. Derek Anders, a graduate of St. Augustine School, is teaching physical education.  Miss Natalie Cook, also a graduate of St. Augustine School, is teaching kindergarten.  We are excited to share God’s word with our students this school year as we also learn our multiplication facts and how to tie our shoes.

A Second Collection this Weekend

This weekend St. Augustine will be holding a special second collection that was not announced until after our bulletin had been printed.
The second collection will be taken to provide humanitarian relief and pastoral support for our affected brothers and sisters in the Middle East.
The funds will be sent to Catholic Relief Services and will be used by them and other Catholic agencies working in partnership with the local Church to meet the most urgent needs facing people in Iraq, Gaza, Syria, and surrounding countries where refugees have fled.
Please be generous.
Cash and checks will be accepted. Please make checks payable to St. Augustine with “Middle East” in the Memo line.


Something New for High Schoolers!

We wanted to design something special just for our young adults and that’s why St. Augustine is VERY excited to announce our newest opportunity for high schoolers.
Fr. David and Fr. Glaros are hosting a special event called Building on the Rock that will meet on Sunday mornings from 9AM – 10:15AM in Room 101 in the school.
This event is open to all students in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.
While preparing to face the challenges of the real world it is important to remember that everything comes from (and can be built on) the Rock — Jesus.
We certainly hope that the high schoolers of our Parish will make it a priority to come.
The first date is Sunday, September 14th @ 9AM.

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