News from Pastoral Parish Council

News from Parish Council –

  • School enrollment for next year currently stands at 211 which is 25 short of the needed level. Competition from charter schools and the school consolidation in Akron is reducing the number of potential students. Please spread the word about the Ed-Choice scholarships that are available.
  • A small area of flooring in Mary’s alcove needs to be repaired before the new piano can be set in place.
  • The theme for this year’s picnic is “Building the City of God”. There will be a Medieval setting complete with roving jugglers, minstrels, and magicians. 10:30 Mass will be followed by a 30 minute concert featuring our new pipe organ and then the picnic.
  • This fall a new program called “Joyful Hearts Hospitality” will be led by Carolyn King. The plan is to have different hospitality events once a month.
  • The 6 ministry area survey has been tallied and will be used to help the pastoral parish council develop a strategic plan to define 2-3 goals from which specific activities/programs can be identified and put into action.
  • The lights in the sanctuary will be replaced soon by and electrical contractor. Also, the gates and the fencing around the parking lot will be refurbished.

News from our Parish Pastoral Council

News from Parish Council

The council received an update from Mrs. Faessel concerning the school:

  • There is a new Vice Principal, Brian Motil. He has been an eighth grade teacher for several years and one of his goals will be to represent the school out in the community
  • The enrollment last year was 210 students which is 25 below the breakeven point. So, some staff reductions had to be made.
  • A small group will be formed to help the school get its message of excellence out to the community.
  • Let friends and family know that any family of 4 making $46,000.00 or less may qualify for an Ed Choice Expansion Scholarship.


  • The church has received a donation of a grand piano. It will be a nice addition to our music program and be included in future liturgies. The piano will be located in the alcove on Mary’s side.
  • The new organ will be blessed on the feast day of St. Augustine and Ivy Adams will play a concert of 5-6 pieces.\
    The picnic is coming soon and everyone’s help would be welcomed!
  • The next council meeting will be held on June 27th.

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